Custom IoT Hardware Solutions

IoT solutions require three critical components – updates, security and redundancy. Brookgreen Technologies works with customers to develop custom industrial hardware solutions. Our team leverages generations of I/O and IoT experience to provide reliable hardware solutions, flexible enough to maintain the latest processor, memory and security requirements.
Failure is not an option.  Brookgreen Technologies leverages design experience for the military, first responders, oil and gas and medical industries.  Focusing on environmental, temperature, shock and vibration requirements ensures successful performance in demanding conditions over the lifetime of the product.
IoT standards are rapidly changing and improving, and products should not require continual redesign to keep up with the changing landscape. Modular processing and communications solutions allow for maximum flexibility and create an unlimited upgrade path, ensuring your design stays current and competitive while focusing your team on markets and opportunities rather than redesigns.

From BOM creation to prototype testing to production release and product lifecycle management, Brookgreen Technologies works closely with North American manufacturing partners to ensure only authorized distributors are sourced, products are built and tested on schedule, and component lead times and EOL issues are avoided.

Your product, your concept, your solution is making the world a better place. Something somewhere is getting smarter, faster, cheaper or someone somewhere is living longer, safer, happier. We want to be a part of your vision. We want to be the extension of your team that ensures the hardware is well thought out and designed, the quality is reliable and the product arrives on time.