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We like solving problems. We’ve worked in I/O and I/O is a horizontal market – it touches a lot of industries, so we’ve been involved with solving problems in a lot of unique environments and conditions. We’re hardware focused, working in the parts of the system that most will never see and always want to work. We’ve managed companies and teams large and small, and we want to meet our customers where they are with their concepts, products, applications, challenges and technologies – an extension of the team and the vision where we can add value.

O'Hanlan with his first surface mount line in 2012.


Ben O'Hanlan, Chief Executive Officer

Ben has spent all 24 years of his career in the technology industry after graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1999. He started his career at a Fortune 1000 software company that specialized in maintenance management software for manufacturers, and there helped launch the company’s e-commerce division in 2000.

From there he went on to spend the next 20 years leading an industrial computing company that designs and manufactures computing and communications products for the military, oil & gas, health care and public safety industries. As company president, Ben guided the company from serial and digital communications products, to industrial computing design and manufacturing, and most recently lead the company in to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market by developing cloud-based cellular connected communications and I/O devices for monitoring and control.

He also lead the company efforts to insource manufacturing, leading a $2.4M cap-x project to bring circuit assembly in-house, gaining intimate familiarity with the equipment, processes and skills needed to build circuit assemblies.

He started Brookgreen Technologies in 2020 to get back to what he enjoys most – being a part of a small, flexible, dedicated team focused on solving specific challenges and building long lasting relationships.

Happily married and the proud father of two teenagers, he enjoys camping and backpacking with his family, the occasional round of golf with his son, music with his daughter and yoga with his wife, Joy.

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