Brookgreen Technologies - Monitor, control, track, automate and illuminate with customized IoT and RTLS solutions.

With over 20 years of industrial computing, communications, hardware and software experience, Brookgreen Technologies will work with your team to design and manufacture customized hardware solutions for harsh environments where reliability and scalability matter most.  


About Us

We Put the I/O in IoT

We like solving problems. We’ve worked in I/O and I/O is a horizontal market – it touches a lot of industries, so we’ve been involved with solving problems in a lot of unique environments and conditions. We’re hardware focused, working in the parts of the system that most will never see and always want to work. 

We’ve managed companies and teams large and small, and we want to meet our customers where they are with their concepts, products, applications, challenges and technologies – an extension of the team and the vision where we can add value.


What We Do

Every project and development is unique – some require custom hardware to help establish your unique brand and position in your industry.  Others require integrating existing, proven technologies in a creative way to achieve new goals.  Brookgreen Technologies works with customers to understand their unique challenges and opportunities to leverage our experience to design, create and implement reliable solutions.  

Custom IoT Hardware Solution

IoT solutions require three critical components - updates, security and redundancy.  Brookgreen Technologies works with customers to develop custom industrial hardware solutions.  Our team leverages generations of I/O and IoT experience to provide reliable hardware solutions, flexible enough to maintain the latest processor, memory and security requirements.

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RFID and RTLS Solutions

Intelligent tracking of products, material or assets requires hybrid technologies integrated together - from RFID to UWB to GPS. Together with industry partners, Brookgreen Technologies works with customers to develop and implement comprehensive single or multi-site solutions for product, material and asset tracking manageable through our UI or integrated with third party MRP systems.

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Engineering Services

Redesign your products for component obsolescence/long lead time, manufacturability and/or feature additions. Brookgreen Technologies works with customers as an hourly or project resource, providing schematic, layout, mechanical, DFM, manufacturing, testing, and/or certification services.

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